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With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, how we learn things has drastically changed over the past few years. As a result, a swathe of online learning portals now exists to satiate the demand for more fluid learning, as skill sets are becoming more multifaceted and the learning time is shrinking.

The number of experts seeking to impart their hard-earned knowledge has also increased, but their efforts also need to be channeled through the appropriate platform.

Teachable not only facilitates course instructors to set up their courses, but it also delivers courses that are relevant to what prospective students want. Keep reading if you are interested in sharing your unique knowledge with the world!

What is Teachable?

Teachable is an online course platform that allows people to share their unique knowledge base with the world.

Is Teachable for you?

Teachable is for you if you have the drive to become an educator and/or have diverse knowledge on things considered unconventional otherwise. You may want to share your knowledge on the perfect lighting for photography, crocheting cute outfits for pets, or even cooking for beginners. Teachable allows you to do just that and much more.


Teachable leaves you the option to curate your passion for sharing your knowledge in the way that is best convenient for you. It is loaded with features that help you design courses and lesson plans very easily while maintaining certain professionalism. Let’s take a look at the different features.

User Interface

Teachable has a very straightforward user interface that features menus and options, which are easy to navigate through. Users have a pleasant experience whereby they find it easy to locate whatever it is that they are looking for. This gives them the sense of comfortability that plays well in incorporating study materials to fit the convenience and pace of the user.


Teachable has a range of themes and fonts that you can choose from to build your own branding of online courses. You can even bring in some flair by editing or customising the CSS portions in the “Code Snippets” category.


The blogging feature allows you to add course-related blog articles. This built-in feature is more convenient as users have the freedom to navigate through the courses and learn more about them through the blogs added to the same platform.

Course Creation

Creating courses on Teachable is very easy. Besides allowing you to create courses within a few clicks, you get to add the basic details like the instructor’s name, course details, and anything else that you may find important to mention. Meta descriptions give users a quick overview of what they are signing up for.

The courses are mostly video-based, adding to the convenience of learners once again. They are heavily SEO optimised too so that people can quickly find your desired courses without having to comb through unnecessary details. Courses are categorised into sessions as you set them up. So, you can customise them in terms of what you think the course demands.

Custom Quizzes

Creating quizzes on Teachable is similar to creating multiple choice forms. You can add as many potential answers as you want, ensuring that your students feel more part of the learning process. It is very self-explanatory and requires very minimal training to get the hang of. 

You have the freedom to create the questions as extensive or as easy as you want.


Of course, there has to be some sort of award or validation rewarded to your students for the successful completion of your course. After all, as an experienced expert in your field, it is important to recognise the efforts of your students.

There are three free templates for certificates provided by Teachable. Alternatively, if you wish to create a completely new batch of certificates you can make them. The templates allow you to change colours, fonts and even add your signature via a JPG or PNG file. Teachable digitally generates your company name and the student’s registered name on the site without burdening you with the hassle of manually adding them one by one.


For those who are heavily reliant on video-based educational content, Teachable could be your go-to option. It contains everything that you need as a budding online course instructor and allows you the scope to get your content out there. Teachable will be able to give you just the right experience that you expect from an online teaching platform.

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