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$119.95/mo $149.95/mo START FREE TRIAL

Semrush: All You Need to Know

Semrush helps you build up your marketing strategies. You get to learn tactics from a number of perspectives. It doesn’t matter whether it’s PR content or social media presence, Semrush will help you out.

With this software, you can get the necessary data to elevate your businesses steps forward. Find the strategies to win while saving time. This will help you save and make money in the long-term.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to understand or operate this. You can create a solid strategy and get things going. So let’s take a closer look at the features and see what’s in store for you!

What is Semrush?

Semrush is essentially an intelligence tool. It helps you track your keyword activity. More importantly, you can trace your competitors’ keyword activity too.

This uses a feature that enables a crawler to scour through search engines. It then identifies the top results for keyword searches. Databases evolve continuously. Semrush tracks millions of keywords and domains.

Additionally, the tool brings together comprehensive information regarding rankings for domains and landing pages. This analysis also includes backlinks, traffic, and ad positions. All of these are vital to creating excellent marketing strategies. Semrush also has a PLA research dashboard. This is especially beneficial for e-commerce websites.

Is Semrush For You?

So, how does Semrush stand out? How do you know if it’s for you? The distinct feature Semrush has is that it focuses on SEO and SEM metrics. The crawler operates on a large scale, unlike other tools.

It offers a visually appealing interface that is extremely easy to use. You can navigate seamlessly to find the data you need. All the reports can be found in the dashboard. It’s displayed in clear graphs, distinct tables, and colourful charts.

You can export the reports in the following formats: CSV, XLS and PDF. You can also schedule your custom reports and send them to your mailbox directly. The API also helps you integrate the data within your software easily.

If you ever need help, just visit the Semrush website. You’ll find easy tutorials on every issue you may need help with. The website also has an updated blog. It addresses a multitude of topics that appeal to budding and existing marketers.

You can access all this information from several devices. These include your desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

Features explained

Semrush has a great list of features. In a nutshell, it is SEO paradise.

Keyword Analytics

Both the domain and keyword analytics are updated daily. So you have the latest metrics at your hands at all times.

Competitor Analysis

Semrush uses several elements that help them exploit the market. This includes analysing organic and paid keywords. It also takes traffic and benchmarking into consideration.

Project Management and Reports

You can decide how you want your keywords to be traced. This helps you analyse the elements you need for your project. It differs for every user. Some want to focus on their social profiles while others want the limelight on their products.

The reports are well-organised and easy to infer from. All your stakeholders will read this with ease. You can also label, brand, or schedule the content.


Semrush comes in three paid packages. You can also enjoy a free account but it has limited features and access. The paid packages are much more comprehensive.

Package One: PRO

This package is available for just $119.95 per month. This is ideal for regular users as it offers up to 10,000 results in each report.

You also get 3,000 reports every day. You can track five campaigns that include 500 keywords. You can even look into advertising research with this.

Package Two: GURU

This is something you may want to look into. The GURU package offers an additional 20,000 results in every report. You also get an extra 2,000 reports each day! Priority support is also available. All this is on offer for $229.95 a month.

Package Three: ENTERPRISE

This is the most expensive package of the three and stands at $449.95 per month. It is optimised for large scale websites. This offers 100,000 results for each report. You can also enjoy 10,000 reports every day. There is unlimited campaign tracking which includes up to 5,000 keywords. You can also operate ten simultaneous sessions. There’s also expert consultation in the package!


The Semrush software collects over 100 million keywords! Can you imagine the sheer amount of data it computes? It also scours through 71 million domains. It looks at the top 20 searches in Google and Bing search engines. Semrush helps you collect and compare data on a national level.

You get to know the prime competitors around you. It uses a live update algorithm that helps you get access to the latest database. Get this intuitive software to make the most of your digital business!

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